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ŠUKOPLAM PR 25 - 80 kW

Hot water solid fuel boilers type Šukoplam PR 25-80 kW are basicly the modification of boilers type Šukoplam R 25-80 kW. This modification includes installing the special combustion fan on the lower boiler door..In this way boiler works with „artificial draft“. Instalation of combustion fan makes better combustion in the boiler as well as keeping the required temperature within the fine borders.This fine temperature regulation is very important in numerous industrial processes, which make these boilers an excellent choice for process industry.Also, because of the combustion fan, boiler can work without problems coupled with chimneys which by their characteristics (diameter and height) wouldn't give the desired draft for the standard boiler.

                Work of the combustion fan and practicly maintaining the desired temperature within the fine limits is controled by the boiler automatic controler.Installing the combustion fan also, because of the increased draft in the boiler, demands that turbulators must be installed into flue pipes.Turbulators are used to change the increased laminar flow of flue gases into turbulent flow and in that way increase the heat exchange between the water and flue gases.This as a result has higher efficiency of the boiler (7-10% higher) and savings in fuel in use.

                Boiler itself is constructed as „three drafted“ with one water cooled chamber and flue pipes which means that products of combustion pass water area in three occasions maximasing the heat exchange.Boiler body is well insulated with mineral wool and boiler sheeting is protected with painting or powder coating processes.

                Boiler is ment for production of hot water in operating mode 110/90ºC and 90/70ºC with maximum allowed work pressure of 2,5bar.  

                Regulation of air flow needed for combustion of chunk solid fuel is done with draft regulator which moves  the flap on the bottom boiler door and by doing so increases or decreases the amount of air needed for the combustion as well as by changing the RPM of the combustion fan.

                Protection of boiler from increased pressure is done by installing the safety valve on the appropriate place on the boiler, while protection of the boiler from increased temperatures is done by installing the safety heat exchanger which,if the need arises, cools down the boiler.

Characteristic dimensions table
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