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Characteristic dimensions table

Boilers type Šukoplam VENT-P with power range 13-27kW are boilers ment for automatic combustion of grain biomass (pellet) without the possibility of manual stocking and combustion of chunk solid fuel.

                Boiler is constructed as „three drafted“ with two water cooled chambers and flue pipes which means that products of combustion pass water area in three occasions maximasing the heat exchange. Boiler firebox is divided into two sections, front section for intensive irradiation heat transfer and back section with fluidisation chamber insulated with fire resistant materials ment for combustion of grain biomass.Grain biomass loading is done with screw conveyor at the side of the boiler. Storage of grain biomass is done in fuel storage tank underneath, via the rotational dosage mechanism, screw conveyor takes the fuel and brings it to the fluidisation chamber. Volume of fuel storage tank is done so that it meets the daily need of the boiler. Ignition of grain biomass is completly automatic via the electric igniter.For combustion of grain biomass primary and exaust fumes fans are used and are chosen in a way to deliver enough fresh air for combustion and fuel fluoridation. Primary combustion air is divided in the fluidisation chamber into primary and secondary air, and also part of the primary air is delivered to the screw conveyor to prevent the return of the flame from the combustion chamber to the fuel storage tank. Also exhaust fumes fans sucks in tercial combustion air which alows for complete combustion of combustion gases. By instaling the sediment chamber and exhaust fumes fan boiler is kept in underpressure so there is no risk of the return flame towards the fuel storage tank and to the boiler doors, and by instaling the turbulators into flue pipes boiler efficiency can be raised 7-10%. Automatic controler, based on the input parameters (water temperature, flue gas temperature, room temperature), gives comand to output devices (fans, igniter, screw conveyor) and maintains all the desired parameters for smooth boiler work.Boiler body is well insulated with mineral wool and boiler sheeting is protected with powder coating processes.

                Boiler is ment for production of hot water in operating mode 110/90ºC and 90/70ºC with maximum allowed work pressure of 2,5bar.

                Protection of boiler from increased pressure is done by installing the safety valve on the appropriate place on the boiler, while protection of the boiler from increased temperatures is done by installing the safety heat exchanger which,if the need arises, cools down the boiler.

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