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Hydraulic puller is used for floor extraction of biomass from the biomass silo to the line of screw conveyor transport. They are built as one or in pair depending on the biomass silo dimensions and also depending on the amount of biomass fuel needed to be transported. Due to this every system is built on buyer demand. Turning the puller on and off is done by automatic controller and via electromagnetic valves. Signal for starting and stopping is given by the fuel limiter controller on the fuel storage tank.

                Hydraulic puller is installed on prepared base in the biomass silo.Their construction is complex steel construction moved back and forth by hydro cylinders with force of 500 kW.

                Standard delivery includes puller construction, puller blades, steel base holders and the system needed for the construction to be connected to the hydraulic cylinder. Blades on the puller are movable while, on the floor of the silo, stationary blades are fixed and used not to allow the return of biomass at the back stroke of the puller.

                Transport screw conveyor for extracting the biomass from the silo is positioned at the end of the silo and under the floor level.Screw conveyor is constructed to extract wood chips with maximal granulation G30. Screw conveyor length and power depends on the silo size and amount of material transported.

                On buyer demand we can produce screw conveyors that best meet your needs. With adequate diameter and spiral thickness and pitch. Spiral can have continuous or variable pitch. At the beginning of the spiral pitch is smaller and as it goes away pitch gets bigger. This prevents jamming of the transported material.

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