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PRIMULA V 100 - 750 kW

Hot oil boilers type Primula V with power range 100-750kW are ment to use in installations that require high temperatures up to 320ºC such as:

- chemical industy for maintaining high temperature processes

- production of plastic masses, varnish and acids

- oil rafineries

- process technique, drying, cooking, destilation

- technology process such as gluing, vulkanisation etc...

                Boiler is constructed from pipes, though which hot oil circulates, bent in a spiral (it can be spiral in one, two or three rows) while combustion fumes pass in several occasions by the pipe and maximise heat exchange.Boilers are constructed for combustion of solid, liquid and gas fuel coupled with pellet, wood chips. oil or gas fan burners.Based on the type of burner being used and buyer demand, an adequate opening for the burner is left on the boiler.

                Regulation of air flow needed for combustion is done through the burner and boiler automatic controller.

                Protection of boiler from increased pressure is done by installing two contact manometer in the special boiler measurement place while protection of the boiler from increased temperatures is done by installing the two contact safety thermometers.

Characteristic dimensions table
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