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ŠUKOPLAM NP 100 - 900 kW

Boilers type Šukoplam NP with power range 100-900kW are low pressure steam boiler meant for combustion of bulk solid fuel (wood,coal) and production of saturated steam in amount of 144-1296 kg/h.At buyer demand these boilers can be adapted so that they can also have automated combustion of pellet or wood chips with maximum granulation G30 and maximum moisture content up to 30%

                Boiler is constructed as „three drafted“ with two water cooled chambers and flue pipes which means that products of combustion pass water area in three occasions maximasing the heat exchange and better the process of evaporation.First heat exchange is in boiler firebox, mostly by methods of irradiation, through large surface area of boiler firebox, second heat exchange is in the water cooled chambers of the boiler mostly by methods of irradiation and convection, and the third heat exchange is in flue pipes before the flue gasses exit the boiler mostly by methods of coduction and convection.Boiler body is well insulated with mineral wool and boiler sheeting is protected with painting or powder coating processes.

                Boiler is ment for production of saturated steam with maximum allowed work pressure of 0,5bar.

                On buyer demand water level indicator connection and water level limiter connection can be either on the right or on the left side of the boiler.

                Regulation of air flow needed is done with draft regulator which moves  the flap on the bottom boiler door and by doing so increases or decreases the amount of air needed for the combustion. When using pellet or wood chips as fuel regulation of air flow needed for the combustion is done through the boiler automatic controler.

                Protection of boiler from increased pressure is done by installing the safety valve on the appropriate place on the boiler.

Characteristic dimensions table
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