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Characteristic dimensions table

Gas generators type GG 1-6 are concrete built „adiabatic“ pre-fireboxes ment for combustion of materials with higher moisture content (up to 60%).Fuel combustion and ash removal is completely automatic in gas generators.As a fuel, pelet, wood chips with granulation G30, fruit stones and other grain biomass can be combusted. Fuel enters the gas generator via screw conveyor which has it end built from fireresistant steel.Gas generator is completly built with fire resistant concrete which (when heated) irradiates heat back to the firebox dries the wet fuel and makes combustion better.Between the blocks of fireresistant concrete a gap of 10mm is left so that the concrete can have room to expand due to the thermic dilatations. Primary and secondary air needed for combustion is brought in via middle pressure radial fans type SRV, and chosen in a way that can deliver enough air for combustion and fluidisation of the fuel.Primary air is brought in under the combustion grate.This air, before being sucked in by the fan, passes around the heated fire resistant concrete, gets heated, i as heated gets inserted into the gas generator firebox.This as a result has much better combustion of the fuel. Secondary air is inserted tangentially at the exit pipe of gas generator.This as a result has turbulent flow of combustion gases and their better afterburning. Secondary air is entered on need based on information from Lambda probe at the exit of the boiler.Gas generator has 5 ash removal screw conveyors.First two water cooled transporters remove the ash from the afterburning zone of the firebox.Water for cooling the transporter is taken from the cold boiler zone, and after the water cools down the transporter and gets heated, gets sent back to the hot zone of the boiler.Second two screw conveyors remove the ash that has after combustion fallen through the combustion grate, while the last, fifth, transporter takes all the ash end removes it to the special ash container.

                Gas generators are coupled with adequate boilers type Šukoplam, Šukoplam MEGA, Šukoplam ENERGY, Šukoplam NP and Šukoplam VP for the best result of heat exchange and the best usage and efficiency of the entire system.It is necessary to have an exhaust fumes fan in the system to keep the whole system in underpressure and minimize the risk of return flame from gas generator firebox back to the fuel storage tank.As an extra safeguard against the return flame, on the fuel screw conveyor pipe, the fire extinguishing system is installed.This system if needed through the system nozzles lets the water enter the pipe and in that way extinguish the flame.Gas generator is well insulated (in two layers) so that there is no burn hazard on its surface.

                Automatic controler that comands the work of gas generator coupled with the boiler based on informations from input parameters (water temperature probe, flue gas temperature probe, lambda probe) gives comand to output Automatika vodi rad spregnutih kotla i gas generatora na osnovu informacija koje dobija od sonde temperature vode, (screw conveyors, fans...) and ensures the quality combustion of even low quality fuels.

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