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Characteristic dimensions table


Feed water tank represents one element in the whole steam boiler feed water system.Its purpose is to insure feeding the boiler with chemically and thermically prepared water and maintain the feed water temperature within the 103-105°C limits.Constant feed water temperature i produced by intaking steam into the tank and by direct mixing of hot steam and cold feed water.Tank is equipped with inspection opening as well as a connection for deaerator. Besides this the tank is provided with water limiter and water indicator connections as well as other connections needed for its proper functioning. At buyer demand feed water tanks can be manufactured out of standard.

                Thermic gas separator - deaerator is coupled together with feed water tank and is used to remove harmful gases from the boiler feed water. This particulary applies to oxygen and carbon acids which cause corrosion on the water side of the boiler.Process of deaeration is based on separation of gas from the mixture by decreasing partial pressure. When the temperature of the water is equal to the boiling temperature partial pressure is equal to zero an gas separation is at its maximum. Water enters the deaerator from the top side, cascades down the cascade chambers and get smashed into tiny drops. These water drops are taken by the stream of hot steam, heated to the boiling point and the gas separation can then be maximized. Deaerator itself is built as a vertical steel vessel and connected via flange connection to feed water tank.At buyer demand deaerators can be done out of standard but it is needed to know the information regarding the needed water flow through the deaerator (deaerator capacity).

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