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Heat accumulator represents a device used to accumulate hot water, and by doing so also the imputed energy, and significantly increase the performance of heating system.

                Accumulator can be manufactured without pipe heat exchanger or with one or two incorporated heat exchanges. Besides on the boiler, can be connected to solar collector for increased efficiency. Accumulator can be connected to any boiler from Šukom line of products but best results are coupled with artificial draft boilers.

                Advantage of the acumulator is that boiler works at a higher operating mode, there is no boiler condensation and boilers last much much longer.

                Accumulators are made from sheet metal and two spherical end plates welded together.

                Recommended volume of the accumulator is 30 l/kW when coupled with solid fuel boilers. All the needed connections are on the side of the accumulator. Using the accumulator makes possible to have 2 independent circuits of heating.Water needed for the floor heating is taken from the bottom of the accumulator while the water for the radiator heating is taken from the top of the accumulator.

                Accumulators can be manufactured with or without insulation but always with prepared rings for insulation and aluminium sheeting. Also two or more accumulators can be connected together to increase the energy accumulation in the whole system of heating.

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