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Chimneys that we manufacture on order are the most important part of every boiler room. From well choosen and constructed chimney depends the quality of combustion and of course the quality of heating. Chimney are manufactured in wide range and cover all the needs starting from residential up to large industrial chimneys with height up to 24 meters. Chimneys are depending on size done in one piece or in sections, free standing or anchored chimneys, with or without protective cap, insulated or double chimneys with steel spiral. Chimneys have an opening for cleaning and inspection as well as condensate drainage pipe. If chimneys need to be anchored, there are 3 anchoring places on the chimney positioned at 120° from each other at the needed chimney height.If the chimney is for industrial use it is equipped with ladders for chimney inspection.Chimneys are insulated in two ways. First way is light thermoinsulating material insulation and coverage with aluminium sheet metal. Second way is done for larger chimneys and includes thermoinsulation in amount from 100mm and coverage with sheet metal of 3mm thickness. This coverage with sheet metal of larger thickness allows the installing of steel spiral at the upper 2/3 height of the chimney. This steel spiral allows easier air flow around the chimney (Carno vortex street effect) and much smaller stress on the chimney and on the anchors.

Characteristic dimensions table
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