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Underground double wall tanks are meant for storage of oil derivatives and are manufactured in the capacity of 5-100m3. Tanks are hydro insulated and equipped with the grounding connection to prevent static electricity.Depending of the fuel storaged in the tanks, tanks can be equipped with floor heater for anti icing of fuel and with savings heater from reheating the fuel in use.They are manufactured based on current standards in use from steel S235JR2 while the testing for leeks is at the manufacturers test station.Inner tank is tested for leeks with water pressure, while the space between the inner and outer tank is tested with compressed air.

Overground standing steel tanks are meant for storage of ligft oil and are manufactured in capacity of 1-3m3. They are manufactured from steel S235JR2 and welded together with advanced welding procedures.Their construction is done as such that they can endure the over pressure of 0,5 bar.Tanks are tested for leeks at the manufacturers test station. Tanks are protected from corrosion effect as well as from static electricity.

Characteristic dimensions table
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