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Cyclones from the ŠC-100 family belong to the group of cyclones with high degree of mechanical filtering. Their main feature is that they keep the same degree of purification in the whole area, between the minimal and maximal recommended flow rate. Degree of purification depends on the particle size and density. On buyer demand cyclones are manufactured as left or right while exit from the cyclone can be into the free atmosphere, into the collection bin and at an 90° angle. They are used in mechanical particle separation installations and in heating installations where they are connected to the exit flue pipe of the boiler. Pressure drop in the cyclones is between 700-1000 Pa depending on the cyclone capacity and the fluid entrance speed. When there are higher demands of mechanical separation i question we recommend using several smaller cyclones combined into one unit instead of using just one bigger cyclone. Separated particles are collected at the bottom of cyclone from where they can be periodically cleaned either manually or automatically via screw conveyor. On buyer demand cyclones are delivered with complete holding and placing construction that is adapted to the best buyer needs.

Characteristic dimensions table
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